Wells Yangon WASC Accreditation Process Timeline

Events / Tasks Pertaining to International Accreditation Process for Wells Yangon

Projected Timeline


1. First Year of School Operation: Official opening and start of Wells Yangon operations in full alignment / compliance with ACS WASC accreditation standards and requirements



Early 2020


2. Initial Visit: The purpose of the one- or two-day visit by a two-member team from WASC is to understand the Wells Yangon’s purpose, its program, and operations based upon the ACS WASC criteria and detailed school description. If WASC Commission grants initial accreditation or candidacy to Wells Yangon, then school would proceed to address recommendations from the visiting committee report and completes its first full self-study by the end of the third year.



January 2021


Remark: Wells Yangon to receive Candidacy Status from ACS WASC


3. Preparation and Submission of first full Self-Study Report: This document is prepared based on the comments recommendations from the WASC Commission’s Initial Visit


December 2023


4. Self-Study Process/Full Visit:

• Involvement of all stakeholders in the self-study process.

• Clarification of the school’s purpose and the schoolwide learner outcomes (ESLR)

• Assessment of student program and its impact on student learning with respect to the ACS

WASC criteria.

• Development of a school wide action plan that addresses identified areas for improvement.

• Visiting committee validation and enhancement based on accreditation criteria/standards, self-study and findings from visit.


March 2024



Remark: Upon Successful Self-Study Process and satisfactorily fulfilling each and every accreditation standard of ACS WASC (during WASC Evaluator’s Full Visit to Wells Yangon), we expect to receive Full Accreditation Status from ACS WASC latest by June 2024


5. Follow-Up Process

• Annual assessment of school wide action plan progress and refinement of the plan as needed.

• Completion of progress reports and/or reviews, e.g., annual reports.


On-going and necessary process to keep renewing full accreditation status from there on