Mission Statement

Education is the backbone of any nation. Education development has proven to be one of the most important determinants of a nation’s economic fortification and growth. This is the reason why more and more countries around the globe invest huge amounts of energy, time, and financial resources into developing its human capital. Human capital development is akin to developing the nation itself. After all, what makes a country great would be its people. 

Everclever Company Limited, a company initiated and incorporated since 1998 in Bangkok, Thailand; with the sole purpose of bringing about positive contributions to society through its high quality international education provision and services at affordable fees, intends to expand its services to Yangon, Myanmar. After having succeeded in reaching encouraging heights in its home country, i.e., Thailand, through the fine performance of all the schools under its ownership and management, such as Wells International School (On Nut Campus), Wells International Kindergarten (Thonglor Campus), Wells International Kindergarten & Primary School (Bangna Campus), and Bangkok School of Management (the first and only vocational and university pathway programmes provider in Thailand). All these existing international education entities operated under the ownership and management of the Everclever Co. Ltd. have been in business for more than a decade. 

Given its track record in the field of international education, Everclever Co. Ltd. (Thailand) feels that it is the right time to extend and expand its positive influence beyond the borders of Thailand. There is no doubt that the company sees Myanmar, with its current political climate and progressive economic initiatives and developments, as the first place within the ASEAN region, it wishes to enter and become a significant contributor to the overall economic development of the country, through what it does the best, i.e., education development and building the young (human capital) of the nation.

While being completely aware that there are already several international schools in Yangon, Myanmar, Everclever Co. Ltd. (Thailand), through its market research, as well as close due diligence and discussions with its local counterparts, strongly believes that there is still a big gap to fill, hence wishes to join in the collective effort of the nation to build its education empowerment initiatives. 

It is a known fact that compared to all other South East Asian countries, parents in Myanmar possess greater sense for the need of high quality international education for the future sustenance and development of their young. They place top priority in the careful selection and provision of high quality education to their children, despite the cost. It is a common understanding that parents in Myanmar would do anything and sacrifice any other daily needs solely to provide for a better education and future for their children. While international education is expensive, many parents in Myanmar do all they can to invest in such service with the hope that their children’s future will be secure and more promising than that of their own. 

It is against these background information and dynamics that Everclever (Myanmar) Co. Ltd. intends to make an entry into the international school market in Myanmar. While it is true that international education is expensive, it does not have to be at ‘cut throat’ price. As such, one of the key uniqueness of the international schools established and run by Everclever (Myanmar) Co. Ltd. would be to provide: 

“world class international education at affordable price”

This will be achieved by creating opportunities for students to think creatively and critically, and preparing them for sound global citizenship, without compromising or forgetting their cultural heritage and family values that is uniquely rooted in Myanmar and its national tenets. Most importantly, students studying and graduating from international schools established and run by Everclever (Myanmar) Co. Ltd. would gain entry into prestigious and most coveted universities around the world, including big name ivy league universities, as proven by the track record of graduates passing through Wells international School system in Thailand, run by Everclever Co. Ltd. (Thailand).  Consequently, a few unique features of schools established and run under Everclever (Myanmar) Co. Ltd. would be: 

  1. implementation of international curriculum such as American curriculum and/or IB curriculum 
  2. international accreditation and recognition by relevant bodies (such as WASC, IB, etc.) 
  3. delivery and facilitation of learning experiences by highly qualified and well experienced international teaching workforce consisting of those from native English speaking countries, as well as local Myanmar professionals 
  4. provision of all-rounded education experience through balanced integration and emphasis of the development of the mind (academics & non-academic curricula), social-emotion (psychological well being and soundness), spiritual (moral values), and physical (active lifestyle)
  5. making high quality international education accessible to more young people and parents in Myanmar through affordable pricing structures as well as through consistently offering scholarships and various other education aids and assistance to deserving parents and students